We are headed home from a long weekend of visiting the grandparents, exploring and relaxing amidst the sprawling fields of  farmland.  My girl sleeps in the darkness of the backseat, blonde hair falling over her face.  It’s just me and my boy chatting over the music playing low.  This evening, my boy has God on his mind.  “Some people don’t believe in God,” he says.  “But I believe in God and I want him to do amazing things with my life!  “God is already doing amazing things with your life,” I respond enthusiastically, thinking of the many lives that my boy has touched, including mine.  “Yes, but I want him to do amazing things with me and I want people to notice!”  He boldly declares this desire to be seen and recognized for all that he is and all that he will become.

My boy and I continue to discuss his various thoughts on God and I can’t help but wonder if He is sitting in the front seat next to me, laughing with joy.  “Look at what I am doing!” God says to me.  “Let me show you what I can do, if only you trust me!”  We pull into the garage, wake my sleeping girl, and clamor up the back steps to the house.  Just as I open the door, my boy runs over to the couch and becomes unusually quiet.  I peer through the darkness and find him sitting on the edge of the cushions, hands-folded, praying.  The most angelic expression bestows his little face.  Is my boy praying about the amazing things that God wants to do with him?

Now, admittedly, children with autism often become fiercely passionate about their interests, some odder or more unusual than others. From the very beginning, my boy seemed to possess a direct connection to God.  Bold-colored drawings and buildings of churches adorn our refrigerator and ramble across the living-room floor at any given time.  So, while God is a fairly common topic around here, I still can’t help but feel humbled on this particular evening.  I just received a sneak peek at the amazing things that God plans to do with my boy!

It’s been several weeks since my boy and I talked of God on our car-ride home from Mamaw and Papaw’s.  I replay my boy’s bold convictions over in my head and I think, “You know, I want God to do amazing things with my life, too!”  What about you?  Will you allow God to do amazing things with your life?