You may remember, a while back, a post in which I wrote of an elderly lady and her caregiver sitting next to each other sipping cold drinks through straws inside Barnes and Noble.  I admired the grace and compassion this young lady showed her companion as she asked the same questions over and over, seeking reassurance in the familiar.

Now, fast forward four months or so.  The caregiver, wearing a sweatshirt and blonde ponytail, pulls two green wing-backed chairs up to the same plate-glass window in Barnes and Noble.  She settles her elderly friend into the chair across from her and they sit companionably, idly flipping through a magazine.  I sit several tables away, writing in my journal, when I hear the young lady and her companion quietly reciting words together with a song like cadence.  I guess you could say I was eavesdropping, but I listen a little more closely and smile as I recognize the familiar words:

T’was Grace that taught…
my heart to fear
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear…
the hour I first believed.

Amazing Grace.  The two women recite several more verses together and I watch the face of the older one.  Sure and calm.  Words she knows and trusts.  Words bringing comfort to a fragile mind that forgets so easily these days.   I tuck this poignant vignette into my heart and the two ladies sit quietly for a few more minutes before pushing back their chairs.  The older one says that she is ready to go now.

I later think to myself, “When I come to a place where it is hard to remember and I get confused easily, what words will bring comfort to me?”  Be still and know that I am God.  I trust you Jesus.  These are the familiar words that I often find myself repeating as I breathe in fresh air and let-out the stale, toxic thoughts which can so easily rob me of joy.  Will these be my words?

Why not start now?  Why not fill our souls daily with life-breathing words?  Words that become our default way of thinking when we are fragile and confused.

What about you?  What is your Amazing Grace?