With fondness, my mom often recalls the way that her grandmother, Nanny, always took the time to artfully wrap the gifts that she gave with each individual in mind.  Tucking in a flower here.  Tying-on a fancy homemade bow.  Adding a trinket there.   Whether it be cooking, cleaning, sewing, or wrapping, Nanny made sure to fold her love into these gifts.

While I certainly use my fair share of gift bags and tissue paper, I believe I inherited my Nanny’s gift wrapping genes.  I derive a great sense of pleasure in finding ways to add my own personal touch to a Starbucks gift card, a CD or batch of hot cocoa.  With vintage texts, manila tags, and a bit of paint and glitter, I wrap these simple,  inexpensive gifts with my love for the recipient.  I imagine most people would be just fine with a quick wrapping  job, but, when I can, I enjoy using my gifts to bless those around me.

I can’t help but wonder at the way God wrapped-up His love for us.  God chose to send us His love wrapped in the flesh of a beautiful baby boy.  Jesus.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.  As we draw near to the day of Jesus’ birth, may we receive His gift with open arms.