Dear Precious Child,

I am so glad that you came to spend time with me today.  I felt the tears well-up at the corners of your eyes.  Tears of relief.  That relief of bowing your head before Me, surrendering your burdens, no matter how big or small.  You have been trying so hard, lately, to be all that I created you to be.   A loving mother.  A supportive wife.  An inspiring artist.  A loyal friend.  Because you are human, these tasks can be so tiring over the long haul.  This is why I created you to be in relationship with me.  I am your Father and I want you to come to Me for rest.

I see you caring for your mind, body and soul.  And sometimes, it is hard to keep these three things in balance.  You focus on learning to breathe deeply and to be in the present, only to find that your soul yearns to be in more conversation with Me.  And then you might swing the other direction, making a point to spend time in quiet prayer each day to realize that your body needs more exercise and better nutrition.  All this amongst a myriad of distractions.  Social media.  Chores.  To-do lists.  It is truly a constant juggling act!

I want you to know that I appreciate how you are giving this life your best effort.  By human standards, you may not be perfect, but you are perfect in my eyes.  I created you just as you are, fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses.  While your strengths are what you want to show to the world, it is your weaknesses that make you real to those around you.  For it is in your weaknesses that my strength is revealed.

I am so proud of you!


Your Heavenly Father